UV aging test chamber production process introduction

The UV aging test chamber is mainly used for the aging test of the ultraviolet light portion of the test sample, such as at a certain wavelength, such as 340 nm (this is the wavelength usually used, because it is closest to the spectrum of outdoor natural sunlight), its energy is enough to stimulate The polymer chain of the sample sample undergoes a chemical reaction to change its physical and chemical properties, such as fading, chalking, viscosity change, hardening, brittleness, yellowing, and mechanical strength degradation.

The production process of the UV aging test chamber is briefly described as follows:

First, you need to know what control instrument to use. There are pure button type, ordinary touch screen, PLC, 880 meter and other instruments, of course, the price of the instrument is different.

Second, start sheet metal production. If the instrument and control system are set, the sheet metal can be started. Sheet metal production is to pay attention to the position of the meter opening and the quality of the welded part to ensure that it cannot leak or leak.

Third, paint. After the sheet metal is finished, it starts to spray paint. Despite the 304 stainless steel casing used by Beijing Yashilin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd., in order to ensure foolproof (because stainless steel is also "stainless" for certain environments), it is still necessary to paint. Of course, the paint has an aesthetic effect.

Fourth, electrical installation. This part is the embodiment of a company's technical strength, and each company follows the same standards, and the UV aging test chambers are different, because it can be used to achieve a specific function of the UV aging test chamber. Different electrical controls are used, which are based on the technical characteristics and cost of each company, so they vary widely. However, no matter how different, quality and performance must be guaranteed.

Fifth, install water tanks, lamps, seals, etc. The sealing problem is a technical detail that many small manufacturers ignore and do not know. Therefore, some of them do not add sealing strips at all. Also, the sealing strips are not resistant to ultraviolet rays at all. As a result, customers use these products with sealed problems, or How long will it corrode the board and instrument due to water vapor leaks.

Sixth, test machine.

Seventh, packaging and transportation. Packing should be guaranteed not to be damaged or rained.

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