Washing machinery, equipment classification

1. Dilution, Mixing, and Extrusion Filtration Dilution, mixing, and squeezing filtration generally refer to two-roller pulp presses, screw presses, and the like. In this washing method, after the pulp is ejected from the sprayer, the black liquor is directly squeezed by the pulper to dilute and agitate the pulp with a dilute black liquor to promote the concentration of the black liquor and the black liquor in the pulp. Diffusion between the final equilibrium concentration, and then transferred to the next pulp press. In a countercurrent washing device, the efficiency of this pulp washing depends on two factors: (1) the degree of equilibrium reached during the stirring period; and (2) the degree of extraction between the segments.
2, thick slurry replacement fixed bed gap replacement: such as the ball washing pool (using static filter).
Fixed bed continuous replacement: such as the replacement washing machine, hot cooking pot.
Moving bed continuous replacement: hot washing in a vertical continuous cooker.
3. The continuous replacement of thin-bed fixed bed, such as horizontal belt type vacuum pulp washer, drum type pulp washer (vacuum washer, pressure washer, etc.). Continuous washing on a drum washer is now the most widely used kraft washing method. The softwood and hardwood kraft pulp and caustic soda pulp may be washed using any type of drum washing machine. Rotary drum washers are often multi-stage counterflow type with a closed system using wash water and black liquor. Horizontal pulp washers are also effective and reliable washing machines at present, and they are also worthy of consideration only for economic reasons. In contrast to drum washers, horizontal washers can combine several washing sections in one unit, eliminating inter-section dilution. The number of washing stages (up to 6 stages) maximizes the concentration of black liquor while the amount of washing water is small, and does not require high equipment investment.
Each of the above devices can be washed in multiple stages in series.
The use of a pulper to concentrate the pulp to 30% to 35% is a good way to extract black liquor. In the past, several countercurrent washing methods were used, but the maximum dilution capacity of such equipment can only reduce the concentration from 35% to about 10%. This pulp concentration makes it difficult to sufficiently balance the concentration of black liquor entering the pulp with the dilute black liquor. In addition, the slurry is subjected to strong squeezing and friction through squeezing. Some experts believe that handling in such a pulper can affect the mechanical properties of the pulp and cause fiber twist.
Sometimes all kinds of pulp presses can also be combined with drum-type pulp washers (or horizontal belt washers) for the washing process. The process of combining the two is organically combined. Although the washing practice is not a lot, this is not a lot. This method is believed to be an efficient washing method. This washing process is particularly necessary for the washing of straw.
When the straw pulp is washed, a vacuum washer or a belt washer, which mainly uses filtration and dehydration, is often used, and it is difficult to achieve a high black liquor extraction rate and obtain a higher concentration of black liquor. The use of extrusion dewatering equipment alone is not easy to increase the extraction rate of straw black liquor to more than 90%. For this reason, we proposed a method to increase the extraction rate of wheat straw black liquor by using extrusion-diffusion-displacement equipment.

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