[Washing wardrobe] How to prevent moisture in wooden wardrobes?

[Chinese Wardrobe] [Difficulty] It’s been raining in recent days. Suddenly I want to wear clothes that I haven’t worn for a long time. When I opened the closet , I found that the wall of the cabinet was covered with white powder. Is there any way to prevent moisture?

[Question] How to prevent moisture in wooden wardrobes?

【Best answer】

Hygroscopic box: This is a common absorbent product on the market . It is generally composed of calcium chloride particles as the main component. Most of the products also add flavor ingredients, so it integrates dehumidification, aroma, anti-mildew, deodorization and other functions. The moisture absorption of the wardrobe and the shoe cabinet.

Adsorption of activated carbon: the effect is also very good, but in the wardrobe to avoid soiling clothes; in addition to use for a period of time, remember to get the sun under the sun to continue to use.

Tea moisture absorption method: put tea (you can buy some cheap dry tea, such as green tea, to save money, do not need to buy those too expensive) with a rice paper or newspaper into a bag, placed in every corner of the wardrobe, can play a moisture absorption It has a deodorizing effect and has no side effects on the human body. Then, if you want to make your clothes fragrant, you can buy some clothes and solid fragrance in the closet.

Soil method: Put the lime in a container or a box (do not cover it, unless it is not used) in the corner of the closet. When the weather is wet, the moisture absorption of the lime is very strong.

Moisture-proof pad: The moisture-proof pad is placed directly on the bed and placed in the closet. Has good moisture absorption and moisture resistance

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