What are the functions and effects of honey water?

I often hear that women should drink more honey water. What is the role and effect of women drinking honey water? Xiaobian will introduce you in detail. In fact, honey has a lot of effects, but most people only think that honey has the effect of beauty and beauty. In fact, honey is far more than this effect and function!

Honey water effect

1. Recover fatigue, especially after staying up late

In all natural foods, the energy required by brain neurons is highest in honey. The fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the body to improve the nutritional status of the blood. Usage: a cup of honey water at noon.

2, eliminate the accumulation of food after a big meal

Honey can promote the normal secretion of gastric acid, as well as enhance the effect of bowel movements, which can significantly shorten the time of defecation. Usage: 25 grams of honey on an empty stomach every morning and evening.

3, let the excited nerves sleep

Glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium in honey can regulate nervous system function, relieve nervous tension and promote sleep. Moreover, honey has no side effects such as depression, fatigue, and distraction. The calming function of apple honey is the most prominent. To use: Spoon a spoonful of honey every night before going to bed.

4, calm the skin

Honey is the ideal skin care product. It can supply skin nutrients to make the skin elastic, can kill or inhibit the bacteria attached to the surface of the skin, and can also eliminate the pigmentation of the skin and promote the regeneration of epithelial tissue. Usage: Add a spoonful of honey to a spoonful of grape juice, add flour and mix thoroughly to become a grape juice honey mask.

The role of honey water

1, honey in the mouth with clothes, can treat pharyngitis, tired of work, the fire of rising after staying up late has a miraculous effect. 2, transferred to a variety of beverages and foods to take, the aroma is light, taste sweet, but pay attention to the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. 3, after drinking, with rich honey, can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, eliminate headache after drinking, reduce alcohol damage to the liver. 4. Apply lip with honey to prevent rotten corners; use honey as a mask to make skin delicate, smooth and elastic.

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