What is the operation method of drying the blueprint?

What is the blueprint ? It is usually used in the fields of machinery manufacturing, engineering design, etc. It is very important in various production and scientific research and engineering construction. Those who do not work in these fields may not be very blueprints. Understand that it has a very important role in daily work. To understand the use of blueprints , you must have a clear understanding of what is the concept of blueprints .

First, the meaning and use of the blueprint

The so-called sun-drawing drawings, people have a very nice name is blue drawings, is a paper specially used for chemical coating processing, in most cases, it is made of ferricyanide paper or cloth, and some are iron-sensitized paper. Or cloth, these two styles of paper or cloth are exposed and then rinsed with water. The blue-white photographic paper developed by the development is a common blue drawing, because it is exposed to the sun, people call it a blueprint. And because its color appears blue, it is called blue drawings, which are commonly used for printing maps, mechanical drawings, architectural drawings, and so on. After a brief introduction to what is a blueprint , if the concept of it is still unclear, understand the steps of its production, then it will become more clear.

Second, the detailed steps of the blueprint blueprint

Sun drying needs to pay attention to good methods to get the picture dry, mainly including the following steps:

The first step is to use the ink pen or drawing pen to draw the engineering picture on glass or transparent paper, then put the piece of paper on the top of the blueprint, and use the frame to clamp and press the drawing and the blueprint to make them not to be used. Loose.

In the second step, the compacted device is moved to the sun for about 10 minutes to an hour, and the time can be appropriately increased according to the intensity of the sunlight, and then the blueprint is taken out when moving into the room.

The third step is to rinse the removed blueprints. The rinse can be cleaned with clean water or a little dilute hydrochloric acid. The rinse time is about three minutes to five minutes.

The fourth step, after a series of rinsing and drying, will appear a blue crystal white line with a clear and tidy blue background.

After the operation of these steps, there will be some understanding of what is the blueprint , and people use these steps to make blue drawings, and then refer to these blue drawings for construction and construction.

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