Why non-woven environmental protection bags are not "environmentally friendly"

With the gradual proliferation of non-woven bags in people's lives, the sound of non-woven environmental protection bags is not "environmentally friendly". It's a bit awkward. In terms of monomer, a single non-woven bag, no matter the consumption in manufacturing, and the product material is difficult to degrade, are not lower than plastic bags, which is the internal reason why non-woven bags are not "environmentally friendly"; As an advertising carrier, non-woven bags have a very good publicity effect on manufacturers, making more and more companies choose to print advertisements on non-woven bags as gifts to customers, which has led to more non-woven bags in people ’s homes. With more and more coming, the importance of non-woven bags is reduced, and one is thrown one by one, which is the external cause of non-environmental protection of non-woven bags. How to solve the awkward status of non-woven bags, here are the following suggestions for the majority of enterprises and citizens:

1. Choose a non-woven bag with excellent quality: Many citizens find that when they use non-woven bags as their daily shopping bags, they can find rough and non-woven bags with a short service life, easy to break and tear, and poor waterproof performance. Wenzhou Yongba Packaging here reminds enterprises that use non-woven bags as promotional gifts, do not want to be small and cheap, and choose non-woven bags manufacturers with excellent production technology and well-equipped equipment (such as Wenzhou Yongba Packaging) to extend the non-woven bags. The service life can only reflect the value of environmental protection only when it is far greater than the use of plastic bags. This is one of the rigid conditions of non-woven bags as environmental protection bags.

2. Enhancing the habit of carrying non-woven bags when going out. Although there are more and more non-woven bags in people's homes, many people always forget to carry them when they go out. The first is inconvenience. The existing non-woven bags in the market Most of the bags are not easy to fold. After they are usually used, it takes a certain amount of time to fold into small cubes. Otherwise, they do n’t know which bag to put. It is recommended to fold non-woven bags produced by Wenzhou Yongba Packaging in the production process. The imprint function is added to make the non-woven bag easily fold into the size of a wallet, and it can be easily placed in the pocket for easy portability; the second is unsightly, saying that everyone loves beauty, and a shopping with poor visual effects There is no face in the bag. The multi-film non-woven bags produced by Wenzhou Yongba Packaging added a layer of easy-to-print film on the surface of the non-woven bags. The non-woven bags produced using this technology are very popular in beauty. Therefore, the use frequency of the non-woven bag is greatly increased, and the purpose of environmental protection is achieved.

3. Organize the non-woven bag and place it in a conspicuous place at the door. Folded non-woven bags are only a rare type of many non-woven bags. Most non-woven bags still require citizens to spend a little time to sort out after use and prevent the door from being conspicuous. They can be easily taken when going out and are not easy to forget , Increase the use of non-woven bags, to protect the environment and contribute a thin force.

4. Use non-woven bags as promotional gifts rationally. The effect of non-woven bags on corporate publicity is very obvious, so that many manufacturers choose non-woven bags when they choose gift packaging. Why not make a good name? However, non-woven bags are gradually overflowing as gift packaging, which has caused the public to pay less attention to non-woven bags and reduced the number of times that non-woven bags are used. , Exquisitely printed, moderately sized non-woven bag products, thereby increasing the use of non-woven bags and reaching the ultimate goal of environmental protection.

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